Monday, November 7, 2016

A Special Year for Delphi Developer Days

Delphi Developer Days 2016 with Nick Hodges and me, Cary Jensen, is just around the corner (we start in Chicago a week from today). And, the Delphi Developer Days book has been printed, which for an author is that one milestone that is always rewarding. As in years past, this book is once again weighing in at about 400 pages.

This year is very special for another reason. We started planning Delphi Developer Days 2016 back in late May, and this year I have the pleasure of working with my longtime friend and former Delphi Product Manager Nick Hodges.

Nick has been a prolific writer over the past couple of years, publishing not one, but two Delphi books (Coding in Delphi and More Coding in Delphi). I was really looking forward to working with him on the Delphi Developer Days book, and I was not let down one bit. This book is loaded with good stuff, and I cannot wait for our chance to present this material.

But that is not the special part I am talking about. My past Delphi Developer Days presenters have all been serious contributors to the Delphi community. Marco Cantù has gone on to become the current Delphi Product Manager. Bob Swart continues to speak at conferences, publish articles, and runs the Delphi Developer Network in the Netherlands (and I look forward to his return to Delphi Developer Days as my co-presenter next year). Ray Konopka continues his great work, and both Konopka Signature Components and Code Site are bundled with various versions of Delphi. And then, in September, we learned that Nick had joined Embarcadero as the Director of Product Management, and will be overseeing Delphi as well as other Embarcadero products.

But even with that great responsibility, Nick is committed to completing this autumn's Delphi Developer Days tour. And what a special gift for our attendees. Not only are they going to hear one of the really gifted Delphi presenters, but they will be interacting with one of the people Embarcadero has entrusted with shepherding Delphi, and other products, into the future.

There are still some seats available for our Chicago and Baltimore events, and Frankfurt is almost full (Copenhagen has been sold out for over a month now). So, if you want to be a part of one of the coolest Delphi events this year, you have got to act soon. Oh, yeah, and you get your own copy of this year's Delphi Developer Days 2016 book. (Sorry, this book is available only to Delphi Developer Days attendees.)

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