Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Delphi Developer Days 2016 with Nick Hodges and Cary Jensen Agenda Published

The agenda and course topics for this year's Delphi Developer Days with Nick Hodges and me, Cary Jensen, has been released, and we think that you will be pleased with the selection of topics. Over the course of this two-day event we will have a combination of talks, some of which are jointly presented by Nick and me, as well as talks where we break out into separate rooms to cover a variety of topics.

For our joint sessions we are covering threading and thread synchronization, the parallel programming library, code de-coupling, dependency injection, and a debugging deep dive. We are also going to discuss best practices in professional development, a thought-provoking look at the principles and philosophies crucial to success in the art of software development. And finally, no Delphi Developer Days tour would be complete without the Tip, Tricks, and Techniques session, were Nick and I share some of our favorite tricks-of-the-trade.

I am really excited about presenting these joint sessions with Nick. Over the past couple of years Nick and I have co-presented talks at several Delphi conferences, and each time it was not only fun for us, but also provided our audiences with a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Nick and I are passionate about the topics we picked for our joint sessions, and the opportunity to present them jointly gives us the chance to really explore the issues, and provide a contrast of opinions and solutions.

Topics for our separate talks including unit testing, FireDAC, advanced Delphi language features, patterns in Delphi, building Windows services, and using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). As in the past, these joint sessions are concurrent, meaning that you'll have to choose between two simultaneous topics. But you'll miss nothing, as Nick and I are publishing the material for each session in the Delphi Developer Days course book. This course book, which in the past has been well over three hundred pages long, is only available to attendees of Delphi Developer Days.

Along the way we'll also have a keynote address from Embarcadero, question and answer sessions, and the opportunity to network with fellow Delphi developers. For a detailed agenda and descriptions of each of the topics, please visit http://www.DelphiDeveloperDays.com/descriptions.html.

We are very fortunate to have Nick join us for Delphi Developer Days this year. Over the past several years Nick has published two books on Delphi, Coding in Delphi and More Coding in Delphi. He is getting ready to publish his next book, Dependency Injection in Delphi, and you don't want to miss this chance to hear one of the leading Delphi experts share his views and insights. I hope to see you at Delphi Developer Days 2016 in Chicago, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, or Baltimore.

Register by August 12, 2016 and save 25% off of the regular price. For more information, and to register, visit http://www.DelphiDeveloperDays.com

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