Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ode to Code

Ode to Code:
Reflections on Software Development in Iambic Heptameter
by Cary Jensen

While true, it's said, there's work to do, and now it's time to start
This is my task, so plain and clear, it's science, love, and art

My slate starts clean, a screen pure white, no logic bears my will
Upon this page, through thought and might, it's my intent to fill

I make my plan, each step designed, my spec is well thought out
It matters much, oh yes it does, there can't be any doubt

My fingers fly, the logic pours, a waterfall sublime
I see my goal, I type and click, I lose all sense of time

My words are key, my syntax right, and subtly reserved
I own this world, I'm in control, though humble, numb, and nerved

It's getting close, the tension firms, anticipation's high
I hit F9, compile and run, I feel success is nigh

But wait! It fails! How can this be, catastrophe I feel
I've lost my touch, my senses fail, my mortal soul revealed

Oh, damn the Gods! This logic broke, a bug I cannot find
I check the source. I check each line. I think I'll lose my mind

But what is this, a misplaced test, can this thing truly be
Compile again, and it just works, I'm now in ecstasy

I document the change I made, my comment explains why
I always try to take this step, to prevent a future cry

Relaxed, I am, my goal achieved, a conquest satisfied
It's what I do, a job compelled, a source of joy and pride

You beauty mine, my cherished child, the product of my soul
From white blank slate to final code, a void has morphed to whole

No eye will see this gold I've spun, no heart with feel its beat
It lies beneath the interface, resplendent and complete

I scratch one item off my list, but I cannot pretend
With this task done, there will be more, my work will never end;

Copyright © 2014 Cary Jensen. All Rights Reserved