Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Delphi Developer Days 2014

It is again my pleasure to announce the dates and cities for our annual Delphi Developer Days tour by me and Delphi expert Bob (Dr.Bob) Swart. We will be visiting two cities in the United States and three in Europe/United Kingdom. We will be in the Washington DC/Baltimore area on May 5th and 6th and Chicago on May 8th and 9th.

We continue in Frankfurt, Germany on May 26th and 27th, continuing to Amsterdam, The Netherlands on June 12th and 13th. We have once again added London to our spring tour, and we will be there June 18th and 19th.

If you are not familiar with Delphi Developer Days, it is an intense, two-day Delphi-focused event, where we cover some of Delphi's latest features, as well as topics that apply to many versions of Delphi. Bob and I present some of the more general topics together in joint sessions, where we share our knowledge and personal perspectives. We also include a number of breakout sessions, where Bob and I go to separate rooms to present different topics.

I am very pleased with this year's agenda. Our joint sessions include an overview of mobile development with Delphi, where we will talk about both iOS and Android development, device setup, app deployment, and Delphi's next generation compiler. In another joint session we review some of the more advanced language features that have been added to Delphi since Delphi 2009.

We also have a joint session on data awareness in cross-platform applications. In this session we discuss LiveBindings, as well as alternative techniques for presenting data to your users. And Delphi Developer Days would not be complete without our Tips, Tricks, and Techniques session. In this joint session Bob and I share a collection of powerful, and sometimes odd features of Delphi that you can use to extend your applications and improve your development experience.

We also have a wide variety of separate sessions. In these sessions we cover FireDAC, Delphi's new data access framework, REST servers and clients, debugging and development support techniques, including unit testing, and an extensive and in-depth survey of object-oriented programming in Delphi. Other separate sessions cover advanced mobile development, a comparison of Delphi's target platforms and how these operating systems differ, as well as a session on when and where to place your data entry validation and business rules in database applications.

For a complete list of sessions, view our agenda  at http://www.delphideveloperdays.com/descriptions.html. On this page you will also find a link to view a more detailed description of each session.

It's a lot of material in two days, and due to the separate sessions, you won't be able to physically attend every session. That's why Bob and I document every session we cover (with the obvious exception of the question and answer sessions that we hold at the end of each day). These limited edition course books, available only to Delphi Developer Days attendees, are extensive and detailed, typically weighing in at 300-400 pages. This year is no different. I have set aside a significant amount of time over the next three months for my writing, and I know Bob is doing the same. Regardless of which sessions you attend, you'll get all of the material we cover, include the many code samples we use in our demonstrations.

I also want to mention that we are particular about where we hold our events. All of our venues are close to airports and/or train stations. For example, both of the hotels in the US have free shuttles from the nearby airports. These hotels also have free parking if you arrive by car. Our Frankfurt hotel is less than 2 kilometers from Frankfurt's main train station, from where you can hire a taxi or even catch a bus that stops outside the hotel. Alternatively, the hotel is a 30 euro taxi ride from Frankfurt Airport, one of the largest airports in Europe. There is also free parking for attendees on the days of the event.

In Amsterdam, we are at the historic Victoria Park Plaza, which is directly across the street from Amsterdam's Central Station, which is a short train ride from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, also one of the largest in Europe. Finally, in London we are at the Park Inn London Heathrow. Fly into Heathrow and you can catch a free bus that drops you off a short walk from the hotel. There is also free parking for attendees on the days of the event.

Attendance in each city is limit to 42 developers, which permits sufficient networking opportunities while keeping the experience intimate. As a result, however, we have sold out most cities over the past years, so you should consider registering early to ensure that you reserve a seat in the city of your choice. We are also offering discounts for early registration, and if you've attended Delphi Developer Days since 2009, there are additional discounts. There are also discounts when your company sends three or more of their developers.

Delphi Developer Days History

Delphi Developer Days in a long-time Delphi touring event focusing exclusively on Delphi development. Cary Jensen, who authored and was the featured speaker on the original Delphi World Tours (1995 through 1999), started Delphi Developer Days in the fall of 2001. From 2009 through 2012, Marco Cantù of Wintech Italia, Srl and Cary joined forces to co-offer Delphi Developer Days in Europe and in the United States. When Marco was hired to be the Delphi product manager, noted Delphi expert Bob Swart of Bob Swart Training & Consultancy (eBob42) teamed up with Cary to keep the Delphi Developer Days tradition alive.
For more information, and to register, visit www.DelphiDeveloperDays.com.


  1. Looks great! And very well organised.

    Do you have any information on the content of specific talks? For example, looking at first item in the agenda, I'm not sure if I would get more out of "Exploring the Cross Platforms" or "Intro to FireDAC". An overview of the level of content (beginner, intermediate, etc) and what it covers would be really useful.

    Also, are all talks in English regardless of the country?

    1. On the agenda page, which you will find at http://www.delphideveloperdays.com/descriptions.html, there is a link to view more detailed descriptions of the talks. And, yes, all talks are in English, regardless of the country in which the event is held.

      Historically we have never ranks talks as beginner, intermediate, or advanced, but it is an interesting idea. The problem is that even a session that could be listed as beginner is going to have depth. We get developers at all levels, and welcome questions at all levels in every talk, though we ask that some questions be asked again during the Q&A or offline, during a break, lunch, or at the end of the day.